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Angela Proffitt, Founder of GSD Creative, is a Productivity Expert, Celebrity Event Planner, Author and Speaker that travels the world, helping CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs grow their company  brand.

As a serial entrepreneur and certified True Colors Facilitator, Angela spent two decades mastering effective business processes and consulting for multimillion-dollar brands and startups. Angela knows what drives conversions, sold-out events, and consumer engagement - and it’s not the fluff. It is Angela’s background in Psychology, her effective communication techniques, and the “Get Shit Done” attitude that helps drive success.

Angela has been featured in media and publications that include: TLC, ABC Family, People’s Magazine, Country Weekly and US Weekly, to name a few. In addition to running several businesses, Angela serves on the board of the Entrepreneur’s Organization - Nashville, as Mentorship Chair, she is the podcast host of Business Unveiled, and Co-Founder of  Collective615, a co-working space for women in Nashville, TN.

When Angela is not working, you can find her TikTok’ing with her nieces and nephew and learning about the latest advancements in Apple technology.


Communication Training, Team Building, Building Paperless Processes, Strategy for Digital Assets such as: video coaching, consistent content creation, sales funnels, webinars, self publishing a book, starting a podcast, website assessment, etc.

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