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"If You Fail to Prepare You Are Preparing to Fail" -BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

What To Expect

A Look Inside GSD Academy

This step-by-step, business productivity online program will share with you exactly how to shift your mindset, set boundaries, build rock solid processes, customize your message to strategically grow your revenues.

This is for you if you want to know how to be more productive & get your time back in everyday life. Below you will find what to expect within all eight modules.


I'm Ready To GSD!

Module 1: Vision Management

You Will Learn How To:
-  Establish Your Vision
-  Understand Your Numbers
-  Track Your Time
-  How To Chart Your Course

Tools Included:
-  Tech Checklist
-  Vision Mapping
-  Revenue Streams Checklist
-  Time Auditor
-  Monthly CEO Review

Module 2: GSD Foundations

You Will Learn How To:
-  Use Psychology To Grow Your Company
-  Time Block & Color Code
-  Set Up Your Tech To Serve You

Tools Included:
-  Tech Checklist
-  Communication Tool
-  Time Blocking Template
-  Daily Task List
-  Shortcuts to Set Up Your Mac

Module 3: Internal Processes

You Will Learn How To:
-  Work Smarter Internally
-  Pre-Process Creation Planning
-  Create Your Own Internal Process

Tools Included:
-  Tech Checklist
-  Internal Process Creation Tracker
-  Naming Conventions Template
-  Email Swipe Files
-  Internal Process Document Swipe File
-  Internal Process Document Template
-  Communication Cheat Sheet

Module 4: External Processes

You Will Learn How To:
-  Work Smarter Externally
-  Pre-Process Creation Planning
-  Create Your Own External Process

Tools Included:
-  Tech Checklist
-  External Process Creation Tracker
-  Intake Form template
-  Expectation Conversation Outline
-  Contract Samples
-  Sales Script Swipe Files
-  External Process Swipe File
-  External Process Template
-  Communication Cheat Sheet

Module 5: Crushing Content

You Will Learn How To:
-  Complete a Social Media Audit
-  Create Consistent Content
-  Help People Find Your Company
-  Post Consistently

Tools Included:
-  Tech Checklist
-  Audit Checklist PDF
-  Wash, Rinse, Repeat PDF
-  Category Google Sheet Template
-  Hashtag Google Sheet Template

Module 6: Building Your Brand

You Will Learn How To:
-  Plan a Photoshoot For Your Brand
-  Create a Promo Video
-  Plan For a Podcast Tour

Tools Included:
-  Tech Checklist
-  Photo Shoot Planner PDF
-  Video Outline Planner PDF
-  Podcast Wish List Tracker
-  Podcast Media One Sheet Template

Module 7: Team Management

You Will Learn How To:
-  Get Into The Details of Branding
-  Create an Organizational Chart
-  Track Your Expenses Like a Pro
-  Manage Business Operation Essentials

Tools Included:
-  Tech Checklist
-  Hiring Tool Checklist PDF
-  Company Process Handbook Template
-  Task Management Communication Tool PDF
-  1:1 Meeting Script Template

Module 8: Business Management

You Will Learn How To:
-  Onboarding Team Members
-  Delegate Task Within Your Team
-  Handle Conflict & Empowerment

Tools Included:
-  Tech Checklist
-  Know Your Numbers Spreadsheet
-  Facebook Ad Basics
-  Legal Basics
-  Org Chart Template
-  Expense Tracking Checklist
-  Business Ops Team Timeline

What Others Are Saying...

Kathy Thomas

"GSD Academy helped me develop a brand & guided me through all of the operational efficiencies immediately.  I got so many nuggets that I was able to take away just to get the course of action moving. I took true action and saw results almost immediately. I would say come into it with a very open mind."

Callie Heatherly

"My company implemented all that I have learned from GSD Academy, and it has proven to be effective time and time again. It covered everything I need and protects my company while also putting the needs of the client first. It has helped build my brand by instilling confidence in my process from the client's perspective! And it’s helped me create a profitable company that brings in revenue that makes me and my team happy! "

Gigi McDowell

"GSD Academy helped me in resolving my challenges by helping me create plans to get things done specifically. So I set goals for me and my team, and then we put plans into place to meet those goals. Additionally I had learned my lesson when my last computer died and lost everything; I learned how to set the new one up correctly in the cloud."

Here Is What You Get








Outcomes You Can Expect

GSD Academy has OVER $6000 worth of information that has two decades worth of experience shares that can help you fast track your business.


Knowing how to shift your mindset, the exact same way I had to in order to start seeing a real change, I call it "potty train your brain".


One of the biggest time sucks is saying "yes" to everyone & everything to make others happy.  I will show you how to say no to the wrong things. 


Customizing the message the way others need to hear it is the most powerful tool in my box; it's a proven method that has helped thousands.

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How Much is GSD Academy?

The better question to ask yourself is how much is your time worth to you? You can never buy your time back. Each module contains videos, downloads, templates, swipe files, PDFs, a TON of Bonuses and SO MUCH MORE!!


8 Modules:
Vision Management
GSD Foundation
Internal Processes
External Processes
Crushing Content
Building Your Brand
Team Management
Business Managment

36 Video Lessons
17 PDFs to download
13 Templates Ready For You
12 Checklist To Make it Easy
5 Swipe Files


Life Changing Mac Hacks Video
(Unlock at Graduation)
Valued at $197

Next Level APPS ebook
(Unlock at Graduation)
Valued at $97

Rock Solid Communication
Video Walkthrough
Valued at $297

Elevate Your Brand with Video Tip Sheet
Valued at $47




For the first 10 people that sign up
for GSD Academy ONLY.

You will be invited to a new exclusive APP where I am hosting an intimate weekly GSD Mastermind group.

We will have weekly checkins to ensure you are getting through GSD Academy like a pro for 8 weeks (accountability).

Direct access to Q&A as you are going through GSD Academy. 

Enroll Now For a One Time Investment of $1997

Are you ready to get your time back? Your business needs you to run it.  This means taking the superpowers of people, utilizing proven processes, optimizing it with technology, and creating content that works to allow you to build the business of your dreams.  With easy-to-follow videos, templates, swipe files, & TONS of valuable info.

In GSD Academy,
You Will Learn:

  • Vision Management: Create a vision for yourself that will become your reality.
  • GSD Foundations: Build a sustainable business that is aligned with your vision.
  • Internal Processes:  Develop systems for how you run your business that save you time. 
  • External Processes:  Develop systems for how you work with clients that will be stress-free.
  • Crushing Content:  Consistently produce relevant content that drives revenue. 
  • Building Your Brand:  Present your brand the way that you want people to see it.
  • Team Management:  Take a psychology-based approach to hiring, onboarding and communicating with team members. 
  • Business Management:  Surround yourself with the professionals that can help you scale your business responsibly.
  • Plus TONS of bonuses, templates & extra tools so you don't have to reinvent the wheel!  

Hurry Time Is Running Out!

Take advantage of this exclusive offer for GSD Academy, we will be closing the doors for our winter enrollment soon! Technology changes fast, we will be adding even more golden nuggets in preparation for our spring enrollment. Don’t miss out on this special price, as technology and knowledge expands so does cost of knowledge.

You Are So Tired


You're tired of never having time to take care of yourself. You’re tired of feeling like you have to do it all. You’re tired of people praising you for how much you do when you know that there has to be a better way.

And oh man, you’re so damn tired of people saying to you, “you’re such a boss babe!”  If you hear one more person call you a Girl Boss, you won’t even try to hide your eye rolls anymore.  Because for you, it’s more than that.  You are a business woman who handles her shit.  But while everyone is busy admiring you, you know there has to be a better way.  

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

-You can’t remember the last time you used the word “no” when someone asked you to do something.

-You have random pieces of papers, sticky notes, and journals tucked into your drawers, purses, and piled up on your desk that help you stay “organized”.

-You have every app that you know you should have but you don’t even use them.

-You have part-time help, but you feel like it causes more stress because they are always waiting for you to tell them what to do.

-You started your business because it was fun but now you want to turn it into some serious dough.…and here’s the last one...

You tell people you run a business, but you almost feel like you’re lying because you know that your business is running YOU.  Your life is no longer your own.

And this love/hate relationship you have with wanting to be all things for all people has got to go.  You can’t ever achieve the levels you dream of if you’re constantly burying yourself with the priorities of other people.

Say Sayonara! Adios! Ciao! to those time suckers that are masked as opportunities. 
‘Cause you may be fooling everyone else, but you ain’t foolin’ me.  And that feeling in your stomach right now tells me that you’re not fooling yourself either.


This is For You If You Feel...

Your time is so precious and priceless. After years of being the person that works a 9-5, who never misses a friend’s birthday, who is the go-to person for your family, who shows up day after day for everyone else and OH, by the way – also has a business on nights and weekends, you are so damn tired.  Girl, it's time...time for you to invest in YOU!

Let Me Show You

Let me show you exactly how to take the reins of your business and support the life that you want to live.  A life that allows you to run a profitable, sustainable business that you call the shots in every day. 

Because once you have this step-by-step plan to take control of your business, you’ll also know the secrets that will allow you to:

-Go all in and make a full-time living as a business owner and leave your 9-5 forever (if you are still there).

-Replace your burn out with passion fuel and show up every day with confidence and focus.

-Empower yourself by attracting the right clientele.

-Communicate more effectively with your potential clients, clients, and team members

-Strategically work in your strengths and delegate to others

I’m being straight up with you.  These things are all possible even if you can’t wrap your head around it.  They are possible if you take the steps of this course and apply them in your business.

Meet Your Instructor
Angela Proffitt

In 2011,  I had just wrapped up my biggest year yet.  I had worked with 250 clients. I was “killing it” in my head.   But on paper -I was the definition of a Hot Mess.  I thought being called a robot was a compliment.  I had forgotten what it was like to get more than 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I couldn’t even tell you what day of the week it was, I just knew I had shit to do.  I was running on fumes, passion, and determination.  And the worst part, I made $0 dollars that year.  

In fact, I actually lost over 6-figures. I personally lost over $100K in the year that I was hired by more people than ever.  Yes, I had money in the bank but once we got into it, my business had me by the proverbial balls.  And I don’t want to see that happen to another person ever again.  I know what’s possible for you, because I once was you.

And it didn’t come down to believing in myself.  Because girlfriend, let me tell you, if I’m going to bet on anyone, I’d double down on me any day of the week, 24/7.  It came down to - I didn’t know, what I didn’t know.  And when I found out, guess what the result was…I DID BETTER. I learned. I implemented. I changed. My business grew. 

In just 2 years, I went from the woman who lost 6-figures in a year to transforming my business and having a 300% increase in profits.  I learned how to escape the nightmare I created for myself and become an 8-figure business owner working with just 30 clients a year.  So, what if you could spend less time in the land of sleepless nights and, instead, harness your talents into building a business that gives you the ability to create freedom and flexibility in your life?It’s time to start living that Less is More Life and GSD Academy will show you how!

Features & Media

Angela's Work Has Been Featured In...


Click on the arrows below and you will discover even more value that you will learn in GSD Academy

Module 1: You Will Learn

How others see you is determined by how you present yourself.  

How you present yourself is determined by how you see yourself.

How you see yourself is determined by the vision you have for yourself.

How much others buy-in to your vision is determined by the clarity of your vision.

This lesson will make sure you are tuned in so others don’t tune you out!

Many people allow their past challenges in school to determine their ability to understand the numbers.  Not being a numbers person is no longer a good excuse for not running your business intelligently.  This lesson will ease the pain of understanding your numbers and help you get excited about creating a business plan based on your numbers!

When you run your own business your time equals money.  How you choose to spend your time is also how much or how little you choose to earn.  In this lesson, you will learn why money alone isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to making smart decisions in your business!

Action without direction will be one of the biggest pitfalls you will ever experience in your business.  It is easy to believe that you will figure it out as you go because that is what has worked so far.  But to truly build a business, you need to act like a business owner and that requires thinking AND planning.  In this lesson, you will learn how to create and follow a plan based on the goals that support your vision.

Module 2: You Will Learn:

Have you ever been surprised to hear someone talk and realize that the way they perceive themselves is so very different from how you perceive them? 

Have you ever thought of the possibility that how you see yourself may be different from how others perceive you?

Awareness matters and it definitely has an impact on your business and relationships.  This lesson will show you exactly how you show up in the world while unlocking massive possibilities for more success in your business and life.

Just like awareness matters in how you show up, it also matters in how you spend your time.  In the first module, you identified how you are spending your time.  In this lesson, you will learn exactly how to utilize your calendar to determine the best use of your time every day.

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?  

Do you remember the point?


Technology is an incredible tool that allows you to be consistent in every area of your business.  In this lesson you will learn what technology tools you must have, how to set them up, and how to maximize them!

Module 3: You Will Learn:

I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel.  I also don’t believe in re-explaining how to do something more than once.  That is why in this lesson I will share with you exactly what processes I use internally for my companies and how they apply to any business.

Let me let you in on a little secret.  Creating processes IS a process.  There is a specific way to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) but you want to start with identifying what processes are needed and what is included.  In this lesson, you will learn the planning steps necessary to create your own internal processes.

Process creation can be overwhelming and time consuming.  In fact many times people believe that they do have processes in place.  But are they really working? And does anyone besides you know they exist?

In this lesson, you will learn the steps for creating your own internal processes, revising them, and how to implement them in your business.

Module 4: You Will Learn:

Now that you have a process for your business, you also need them for your customers/clients.  We know that people love to know what to expect. One of the best ways to accomplish that is by sharing with them processes that they can follow.  In this lesson, you will identify what processes you need for your customers/clients and how to communicate them to your customers/clients.

Note:  This works with vendor relationships as well!

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” - James Clear

Your systems will dictate your ability to fail, meet, or exceed a customer/client’s expectations.  In this lesson, you will learn how to consider all facets of the customer/client journey and gather all the information needed to create game-changing processes in your business. 

Process documentation is a crucial component to creating processes in your business.  Once you know what needs to be created, it’s time to actually create!  From there you want to share it with the appropriate parties.  In this lesson, you will learn not only how to create but also the best ways to communicate these processes to your customers/clients.

Module 5: You Will Learn:

In order to know what is working and what’s not working, we need to do a review.  There are specific questions and areas to look at when reviewing your social media.  In this lesson you will learn exactly what questions you should be asking, understand how to review your social platforms, and identify adjustments needed moving forward.

There are two types of people when it comes to content creation.

The first group are the people that have no issue creating content.  In fact, you have content for days!   If that’s you, Awesome!  This lesson will help you learn whether or not the content you are creating is the RIGHT content for you.

The second group of people is more common.  These are the people that freeze up at the thought of creating content.  You may think you have nothing original to say or valuable to add.  YOU’RE DEAD WRONG.  In this lesson, you will learn exactly what content you should be creating and how to create it on a consistent basis.

Content creation is one component of crushing your content.  Another is ensuring that people are finding your content.  It’s awesome to have results but if no one knows about them, then does that really help?  HECK NO!

In this lesson, you will learn findability tactics to organically grow your reach and connect with your target audience.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - Consistency is everything!  Please do not take the time to create amazing content that no one ever gets to see.  It is your job to make sure this gets shared with the world.  In this lesson, you will learn how to create a posting system that works for you 24/7 and never calls in sick.

Module 6: You Will Learn:

Images tell a story in ways that words cannot. 

Images also have an unique power to position you in ways that words cannot.  

By being strategic with the photos of yourself that you put out into the world, you can easily increase your cache and attract your ideal customer/client. 

In this lesson, you will learn the ins and outs of what it takes to orchestrate a successful photo shoot that elevates your entire business.

When people feel like they truly know you, they can’t help but want to work with you.  Personality matters and the quickest way to showcase your personality is through video.  In this lesson, you will learn what it takes to create a kick ass promo video, what to showcase in it, and how to use it to grow your business.

Traditional media isn’t always the best bang for your time.  You have limited control over the content, viewership, and results.  However, that is not true with podcasts.  This has been a proven strategy that allows you to increase your reach and drive leads to your business.  In this lesson, you will learn what it takes to get booked on podcasts, how to find the ones you want to be on, and how to make them pay off over time.

Module 7: You Will Learn:

It can be tempting to leave the details up to someone else and to focus on the big picture.  This is exactly how you lose control of your business quickly and one of the biggest reasons why businesses fail.  

In this lesson, you will learn what specific details you need to be on top of, how to keep your business in order, and when to delegate.

Knowing the overarching structure of your entire business is necessary for growth.  You do not need to have a big team in order to have an organizational chart.  You do need to have awareness of the various roles throughout your business and who is responsible for what.  In this lesson, you will learn how to create your organizational chart and build your team based on the needs of your business.

As important as it is to know how much money you’re bringing into your business, it is equally important to know how much money is going out.  And not only that, but where is it going, why is it going there, how much is it going, and is it really necessary?  Being aware of your expenses allow you to make more informed decisions on what to and what not to invest in, as well as when to and when not to hire.  In this lesson, you will learn what expenses to track, where to track them, and how to protect the financials of your business.

There’s an old African proverb that I love.  

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

This applies to your business.  There becomes a point where it no longer makes sense for you to be the CEO, CFO, CMO, AND CSO.  You can’t be managing the day to day expenses, planning your legacy, running payroll, creating and revising contracts, while also driving revenue for your business.  In this lesson, you will learn what roles and who will be essential to have on your own advisory board in order to scale your business.

Module 8: You Will Learn:

Knowing the needs of your business allows you to determine what roles you need.  If you take the approach of finding someone who can do the job, you will always lose.  In this lesson, you will learn how to identify what qualities and characteristics are needed to perform the job at the highest level and how to hire based on this information.

A well-organized onboarding system is critical to the success of any new hire.  People need to be trained and directed.  In this lesson you will learn what systems you need in place to onboard a team member successfully and how to guide them through the process.

Clarity, visibility, and accountability are crucial to managing tasks among a team.   If you do not have a way to manage tasks without those three things, I can promise you that people will mess up and deadlines will be missed.  In this lesson, you will learn how to assign tasks based on color and tools for managing them to successful completion.  

Whenever people are involved, there will naturally be conflict.  Yes, I know.  You’re probably thinking, ‘duh, Angela, no shit’.  But guess what - you don’t have a plan for resolving conflict quickly and confidently in your business!  

In this lesson, you will learn how to have tough conversations that either create win/wins and how to positively let someone go when it isn’t working out.


This is a video that will walk you thru some of the best hacks that will save you so much time and a neck or back ache!

(unlock at graduation) (Valued at $197)



These are the top APPs we use in-house to keep our companies paperless!

(unlock at graduation) (valued at $97)




Video walk through explanation of the Top Communication Tools used in-house (valued at $297)



This is a template developed to ensure that you are making time for you and your brand and how to schedule video to get your message out to the world. (valued at $47)


GSD Academy is open for YOU. Get your time back. Get your focus back. Be the happy person you can and want to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you can.
It's your time to start getting shit done for YOU and your business.

The Get Shit Done Leader unveiling all of the business secrets that will give you freedom.

Hi!  I’m Angela Proffitt.
I’m the GSD Queen.
I’m your “phone a friend” when your tech isn’t working.

I’m your resident productivity advisor who will guide you through exactly what you need to know to create processes that work in your business.

I’m the one who will ask the hard questions and make the difficult decisions.

Consider me your go-to girl for helping you Get Shit Done and make bigger shit happen in your business.

Online! From the comfort of wherever you best focus and get shit done! On your timeline, it's up to you, but we are here to support you all the way!

Yes! I wish I had someone to help me lay a great foundation rather than learning the hard way for 10 years.

If you are not committed to making a change, lazy, want to keep doing the same thing over and over - x off this page!

Yes!  I will guide you on how to assign the proper team members based on a psychology methodology that is proven to work. You can’t grow alone and this course will give you the tools to build a team effectively.

Everyone works at a different pace.  I would recommend committing to 90 days but this is an on-going adjustment and growth season.

This is an add on option after you complete GSD Academy.  You can always reach out via social media using the hashtag #AskAngela

You will get access to Module 1 immediately!  Every 7 days your next Module will be unlocked.  

It's important that GSD Academy students retain what they learn and have the time to get through each module & the coursework and assignments that come along with each module.  At GSD our team has noticed that when the content is dripped, students have the opportunity to actually complete the course and confidently apply what they have learned. 

Now, if you REALLY want all of the Module's at once because you have blocked out a few weeks a year to work ON your business, please contact our team and we will happily grant you full access. 

You can download all materials for lifetime access.

No! We are excited to open GSD Academy 4 times a year for GSD Leaders like you who are ready to make strategic changes and Get Shit Done to elevate and grow your business!

We don't offer refunds… and you shouldn’t either.  When you know what you have is valuable, it works, and it’s amazing, you stand by it. 

We don't offer discounts. We do exclusive offers for groups.  For more information, email our team at [email protected]

After completing The GSD Academy you have the option to become an Affiliate Partner! 


Need to know more? You can watch  reviews on my YouTube Channel; the handle is /angelaproffittllc. They reflect the leadership of the students who've attended GSD Academy from a variety of industries and countries.  Ready to become a GSD Leader and change your life? Click that button below!


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